I stumbled across a very chilling thought last week, one relating to a massive problem with people who tend to play games; i.e male nerds. The problem is that a lot, not all and this is definitely a decreasing number, but quite a bit of nerds are straight up misogynists. We see it all the time in the industry, were female characters are almost always depicted as objects of sexual desire. And when some comes along to challenge this insulting tradition all the artists and marketing people can do is shrug their shoulders and offer the pathetic excuse of “Well, because sex sells.” And what does that say about us as an audience that all they need to do to convince us of a $60 sale is that the cover art shows a pair of ridiculous female breasts? That men are so lead by our dicks that we let the lizard parts of our brains make our purchasing decisions? We’re better then that. And then there is the increasing number of female players who have to not only put up with a marketing mentally that acts like they don’t exist, but a number of male players who still think this is a “No Girls Allowed” club. Tits or GTFO is not an appropriate response to a potential player.

And that’s the worst part. Not enough guys are fighting back against this senseless pandering. They want to keep the industry “No Girls Allowed” and want games to pander to their sexuality. The reason I’m bringing this up is because while doing some random Google Image Searching for examples of ridiculous female portrayals I discovered this very telling reaction. This picture is made by a forum poster for the upcoming MMO Tera, and the way male members of Castanic race dress.

How dare I look at the naked chest of my own gender in a video game.

Yeah that’s a lot of skin. Except that’s usually how female characters dress in these kinds of games, but there Tera goes reversing gender roles and ensuring that retarded fashion is an equal gender endeavor, and the OP of this thread who posted this image was none too happy about it. He basically said that all these guys are dressing gay and that no one is going to play a male Castanic, cause it’s not like there are equally perverted women out there who would like to look at some nice six packs. Now to give the Tera community credit it seemed like no one else in that threat shared the OP’s opinion, and that it seemed like the design idea for the Castanics is to make both genders sexually appealing. But to take credit away from the Tera community, no one mentioned that female Castanics wear even more ridiculous clothing, and unlike the males, there are zero female models that wear clothes that completely cover their bodies.

This metal thong is doing wonders to my sphincter. And by wonders I mean shredding it to bits.

Here you go, a female Castanic in “heavy armor”. All of those guys up there were wearing light armor or just normal clothes. When they actually gear up for battle there are around three or so armor sets that completely cover them up. For females, there are none, and all of them revolve around this metal thong paradigm you see above. In fact, that’s the least revealing plate armor for females. This is sexist, and worst, it’s stupid. No one would willingly go into battle like this. It defeats the purpose of armor. Armor is supposed to protect your vitals, all of which are located in your torso. But her torso is utterly exposed, in fact the most protected part of her are her legs, the part of your body that’s least likely to get hit in a fight. Unless you’ve developed some kind of martial art were you only block with your legs, no one would dress like this in their right mind. Oh and notice how she has stilettos built into her sabatons. You’re not going to see that feature for males.

This is the most heavily clothed female Castanic.

Sorry, I wish that image had a higher resolution. But I’m completely serious, that is the most fully clothed you can get with a Castanic. It’s all downhill from there because the higher you go up in armor class, paradoxically the more skin you can see. No seriously, check it out here. Naturally this is the complete inverse of how the males work, and like I said, there are three armor sets that completely cover the males. Those same identically sets somehow transform into naked torsos, metal thongs, and stilettos when put on women. I am putting my serious face on here people. And by the way, when your best attempt at fully clothing a woman is a dress that reveals her back and is cut low enough that I can see her thong you’ve got problems.